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Sexual Assault Prevention TipsProblems With Sexual Assault Prevention Tips

By Jorge Antonio Vallejos

I’ve been seeing a lot of these types of lists (seen on the left and below my 7 point critique) floating around Face Book.  Some have good info but many don’t take in to account a lot of things:

1. Many tip lists are based on blaming the person who was assaulted.  It’s usually called “victim blaming”; something I don’t like because the person might identify as a survivor.  And the responsibility for an assault not to occur is left on the person assaulted.

2. Most tip lists don’t take into account that most sexual assaults happen by people known to the person assaulted: relative, friend, boss, teacher etc.  Most tip lists refer to strangers assaulting people, most often women.

3. Most tip lists are geared toward straight (heterosexual) communities.  The tips often mention men assaulting women.  They don’t take…

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