Domestic Violence: Why women stay. A guest post by a Women’s Center community member.

Resources (Toronto):

Community and distress centres

The following community agencies and supports are available for women who need support or who would like to talk to someone anonymously about their situation.

  • Sexual Assault Survivors’ Support Line and Leadership (SASSL) – York University
    24-hour Support Line: 416-650-8056
    For all other inquiries, please call SASSL’s main office line: 416-736-2100 ext.40345
  • Victim Services Program of Toronto
    Tel: 416-808-7066
  • Toronto Rape Crisis Centre: Multicultural Women Against Rape
    Hours: Crisis Line Monday-Sunday 24 hours
    Tel: 416-597-8808; TTY 416-597-1214
  • Family Service Toronto (FST)
    David Kelley Lesbian and Gay Community Counselling Program
    355 Church Street
    Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1Z8
    Tel: 416-595-9618
  • Centre for Independent Living in Toronto (CILT)
    Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Tel: 416-599-2458; TTY 416-599-5077; Toll-free 1-800-354-9950
    CILT offers service and support to women with disabilities, who are in abusive relationships.
  • Canadian Hearing Society Connect Counselling Services
    Tel: 416-928-2512 (voice) TTY 416-928-2511
    The Canadian Hearing Society Connect Counselling Services offers service and support to women in abusive relationships who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Distress Centres:
    Distress Centres of Toronto 416-408-4357
    Telecare Distress Centre of Etobicoke 416-247-5426

Other on-line resources:


Women's Center at UMBC

This anonymous guest post was written by a member of the Women’s Center community.

Yes, this is a very complicated and broad topic for a blog, perhaps not so ideal for a short blog since this topic delves deep inside the psychological interplay of the domestic relationship. However, I’d like to share my two cents, how I feel and what I know. It’s very unusual for people to spend the time and energy seeking to be in love with people who will abuse them–psychologically, physically and even verbally. For example, when the good times happened, we were on Cloud 9! Never had I found myself waiting, in anticipation, for bad times. Not just rough times, I mean BAD times. Am I just naive to think my partner would never want to hurt me? After all the love we shared and experienced together, was I not valuable in his eyes? I…

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