Upcoming AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) session dates & news

Note:These sessions relate to the AODA legislation that affects websites of public sector and large organizations in Ontario. Websites affiliated in any way with York (including, but not limited to, research, admin, and student club websites) must now meet specific accessibility requirements.
AODA logo
If you are interested in attending either (or both) of the following sessions, please visit http://aodaweb.blog.yorku.ca/ for upcoming dates and to register. (If you encounter any issues, please let us know at devproj@yorku.ca)

The following sessions explain both why and how to meet these standards:

‘Open Discussion’ Session
This session provides an overview of the regulation, implications for your website(s), and how to make your website(s) accessible.
Who should attend? Administrators and Content Editors associated with any website at York.

‘Hands-On Training’ session
This session reviews web accessibility, tips, and tools, with time to practice on your own site with in-person support.
Who should attend? Those who maintain content on a WordPress-based website
* Prerequisite: ‘Open Discussion’ session *


Are there restrictions about who can attend?
The Open Discussion sessions are open to all York staff, faculty and students who are in any way associated with maintaining a website;
The Hands-On Training sessions are open to people who maintain WordPress-based websites at York.

How do I register for the ‘Designing Accessible Documents’ course?
The ‘Designing Accessible Documents’ course is run by the ‘Centre for Staff Development & Technical Learning’ and is separate from this series of sessions. If you have documents on your site, we encourage you to attend that course. Registration is handled via the YELC website (http://www.yorku.ca/yelc).

Will there be other dates announced?
Yes. If you cannot make any of the dates currently announced, there will be more booked and announced in the next month.

Can sessions be arranged for a large group of people affiliated with my unit?
We are happy to bring a 2 hour ‘Open Discussion’ to groups of 8 or more people at a location of your choice and a 2 hour ‘Hands-On Training session’ to groups of 8 or less either at your computer lab or in ours. We also provide a combined 3 hour ‘Open Discussion / Hands-On Training’ session. Please contact devproj@yorku.ca for more details and/or to arrange a time.



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