Musings 1

So it has been a while since I blogged (for a number of reasons). But just because I’m no longer an undergraduate student at York University or with the Diversity Peer Education Team, doesn’t mean the conversations have stopped; inclusivity education is the very core of me. The conversations continue on Twitter.

Anyway, there have been a few ideas I’ve playing around with over the last year because I still write. Writing has been an excellent self-care technique for me. This past year I’ve found myself increasingly restless. As such I started reflecting and writing poetry about life, existence, and my experiences as an immigrant in Occupied Turtle Island, womanist, & a fiery lefty.

The first poetry book I ever really indulged in, back in the day, was John Keats (who is still one of my favorite Romantic Poets). But, I fell deeply in love with poetry when I discovered Alice Walker (check out Absolute Trust in the Goodness of the Earth, you won’t be disappointed). Poets such as d’bi.young (whom I’ve had the pleasure of listening to, live, a number of times), nayyirah waheed and warsan shire have also been a great inspiration.

Now I’m not saying I can measure up with these greats, not even close!!! But I decided to speak with my heart and speak my best version of the truth. Here’s my first story:

my story
a story of hope, unbroken, unfaltering and relentless
a story of renewal, of mind, body and soul
a story of second chances…and thirds…and fourths…
a story of strength, of strong women and strong wills
a story of resilience, of not being fazed by that which we have no control
a story of excellence and persistence
a story of gratitude in all circumstances good and bad
a story of journeys past, present and future
a story of faith
a story of justice
a story that is just as mine as it is yours

That’s all folks, for now at least!


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