Unapologetically Black

The thing about being an unapologetically black woman means that…
there are people who are always afraid of, and threatened by you
Respect will always be hard to come by…
no matter what my status is in my community
People will always try to fit you to a stereotype…
and get frustrated if you don’t conform
Authorities are always extra vigilant with you
At times, people will get offended by your unapologetic existence
They will always wonder how you still rise and thrive in the face of their distrust
They will always wonder how you have the balls to call out their microaggressions
For you to ever be heard…
it will be through protest and anarchy
People will think I am just blowing smoke…
but this is the reality I face at least once every day…
even in the most ridiculous situation I have to keep my shields up
even when my existence is constantly invalidated I will hold my head high
And what they will never understand…
is that I do not exist for anyone’s acceptance
My life will continue!


Black Magic Woman by Ame-Kunoichi


3 thoughts on “Unapologetically Black

  1. This should be in a frame hanging on everyone’s wall either pride or remembering respect. Beautiful. Just so well said.

      • Thank you my new blog friend. I was very impressed with the depth and called Ber of your writing and so enjoyed reading it. I shall be reading all your future work thank you for being an inspiration. Xxx

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