Lately I’ve been feeling pretty burnt out. Sometimes existing is just exhausting. Many mornings I’ve found myself tired at the thought of facing another day, which sucks considering I’m a morning person. I’ve been a big advocate for self-care because, not only do I believe it’s great for coping with the different things life throws at us, but I also believe it is necessary for survival.

Click here for tips on Yoga (Kundalini Kriyas) for Detoxification.

I have a daily paper that I created on which sources for articles shared through social media, on issues that I am interested in; every morning it’s my go-to news blog. I made sure to include a section for self-care and I have learned quite a bit about self-preservation. Granted I’m not a guru of self-care but I’m all about that life!

As I found myself in yet another online customer service feud (this time LCBO), I decided to put myself of a social media hiatus. It’s really hard to explain to people how their selective vigilance in due process when implementing certain policies is not only condescending but also racist and misogynistic (but I digress).


Anyway, aside from staying away from social media, I’ve been revisiting some self-preservation techniques that have worked for me:

  1. Taking a Personal Day
    I once worked with someone who always took one day off every month for her own personal time. I asked them what they do on this day and they said they do nothing. On their personal day, they’re not checking emails, social media etc. Just sleeping in, eating comfort food, catching up on pleasure reading, bingeing on Netflix, taking a long walk, baking cookies… Taking a personal day is by far the best therapy I’ve ever had and I recommend it to everyone.
  2. Yoga
    Now I’m not a yogi at all, if anything I am very out of shape. Plus I’m not here to appropriate yoga practice. With that said, I recognize that yoga is a spiritual philosophy and practice of ancient sacred Hindu cultures and with humility I acknowledge my benefiting from its practice. My body appreciates at least 15 minutes of hatha yoga every so often. I have terrible posture, my shoulders do most of the heavy lifting therefore I experience a lot of aches and pains in my shoulder blades. Hatha yoga has been very beneficial in this regard.
  3. Writing
    Over the years, I have found myself harboring a lot of anger (due to the daily micro-aggressions I encounter) which has resulted in my being increasingly passive aggressive. I keep a private journal in which I rant in every so often; in 3 years, I am 500+ pages deep (Times New Roman 12 point, single spaced ). I didn’t even realize that this was therapeutic until I started going back and reading old entries. Traumas, and things that seemed so important at the time eased as I soon as I finished typing. So now whenever I have time, I consciously write about what’s bothering me and I can feel the anger slowly melt away as soon as I finish. This has also worked wonders for my depression. By no means, am I saying that this will work for everyone but it’s worth a try.

These are just my techniques and there are hundreds of websites out there with resources dedicated to self-care and self-preservation. Check out these really awesome resources from the Ride-or-Die Project.

Above all, true self-preservation requires us to find balance in our lives, especially as academics and activists, so as not to burn out. So get out there and treat yo self. It’s not self-indulgence!


That’s all folks…for now at least!


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