Like a river filled with rocks put in place to make it stop
…but only forces it to flow vigorously
Like a steep mountain, with corners so sharp
…they cut the air that surrounds it
Like a fire so bold that it’s inviting and threatening at the same time
Like the wind so soft, but don’t get it twisted
With skin so thick, a rhino would be jealous
A heart so brave you would think it had never been broken
With so much conviction you would think I hadn’t a care in the world
With a shaky voice that speaks truth
I will move forward but I will not be moved
…not by naysayers, not even if the naysayer is I
And I will be strong and fragile at the same time
…broken and unbreakable all in one
With the strength of my mother, and my mother’s mother
…and my mother’s mother’s mother.
With a broken back and hands bloodied from fighting invisible but real wars
I remain unbroken!



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