For those who’ve heard, “what you’re going through is not real”…

She doesn’t deserve any of the good things in her life
…but she doesn’t deserve the bad either
She’s in pain
…ulcers eat away her insides
She is forgetful
…sadness eats at her mind
Every night she prays and prays
She confesses the sins of her youth over and over
Hasn’t she paid for her mistakes already?
No one cares
Why should they?
Everyone’s got their problems
Too preoccupied to be sucked into others “problems”
There is nothing you lack
You are just ungrateful
You just love complaining
You are never satisfied
Be content that you have a roof over your head
…and shoes on your feet
That you’ve never known hunger
…or real suffering
You should always smile
Religion will save you
Books will give you wisdom
You have all the tools you need to be a whole person
So why are you undone?
So she smiles
No one understands
She doesn’t even understand herself
She searches within for bravery
Searches for meaning
Someone please give her a hint already
She smiles
She falls apart
She smiles
Pushes forward now
Cries later



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